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The National Committee on North Korea

NCNK Issue Brief on H.R. 1771, the North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act: Issues for Individuals and Organizations Operating in North Korea

August 13, 2014

H.R. 1771, the North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act, was approved on July 28 by the House of Representatives. It now awaits action in the Senate. While the legislation includes language providing for humanitarian exemptions, it may indirectly impact the operations of NGOs and individuals engaging in humanitarian, development, business, or educational exchange projects within North Korea. This issue brief provides an initial assessment some of these potential impacts.

The Issue Brief is available here.

NCNK Welcomes Keith Luse as New Executive Director

August 4, 2014

Keith Luse, who brings over a decade of experience in high-level engagement with North Korea, has been named Executive Director of the National Committee on North Korea.

“Keith’s contributions have already been felt in the areas of increased transparency in the provision of humanitarian aid, nuclear disarmament, improved human rights and much more,” says Neal Keny-Guyer, chief executive officer of Mercy Corps, which founded NCNK in 2004.  “Under Keith’s leadership, NCNK is well positioned to make great strides in the coming years.”


NCNK Issue Brief on North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program: Revised and Updated

April 24, 2014

NCNK has released an updated version of its issue brief on North Korea's nuclear weapons program, which includes a concise overview of the country's plutonium production, its uranium enrichment program, and previous nuclear tests.

The issue brief is available here.

U.S. Policy towards North Korea: Strategic Shaping and Interim Steps to Denuclearization

February 26, 2014

Today, the National Security Network and the National Committee on North Korea released the paper, “U.S. Policy towards North Korea: Strategic Shaping and Interim Steps to Denuclearization.” The paper’s release coincided with an event on Capitol Hill featuring Ambassador Christopher Hill, NSN Executive Director John Bradshaw, and NCNK Executive Director Karin Lee. An executive summary of the paper is available here.

To read the full report, click here

Who We Are

The National Committee is a non-partisan coalition of individuals with extensive and complementary knowledge of and direct experience related to the society, economy, government, and history of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

We are a diverse group. A number of members served as diplomats in some of the landmark U.S.-DPRK negotiations. Some have authored major books on the history, society, and security of the Korean Peninsula. Other members have worked in virtually all parts of North Korea, and on issues related to the country's current economic, humanitarian, refugee, and medical crises. Some of our experience reaches back to the era of the Korean War. Most have extensive contacts in the Republic of Korea, China, Japan, and Russia related to the Korean Peninsula. While the National Committee on North Korea is non-governmental, several of the members have worked in official positions and have ongoing ties with current or past administrations and with the United States Congress.

The idea to form a National Committee on North Korea originated during The Musgrove III Conference held in mid-May 2004, which was attended by many of the founding committee members. The first meeting was held on November 4, 2004.