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NCNK Briefing Book: After Kim Jong-il

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A collection of articles and documents related to the death of Kim Jong-il and its aftermath, including North Korean statements, articles and interviews by NCNK members, statements by leaders in the US and abroad, and other resources.

2012 and Beyond

Analysis and documents assessing developments in North Korea's ongoing leadership transition. Includes op-eds on North Korea's leadership transition and future, primary documents, and other resources.

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NCNK Members' Reactions: Articles and Interviews

Analysis by NCNK members on Kim Jong-il's death, North Korea's new leadership, and the future of the DPRK.

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International Reaction

Statements on Kim Jong-il's death made by the US, China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and the UN.

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North Korean Statements and Video

Statements and information from North Korea on the death of Kim Jong-il.

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Statements from US Presidential Candidates and Members of Congress

Includes press releases and informal statements on the North Korean succession from Republican presidential candidates, as well as press releases and interviews from members of Congress.

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Other Resources

Includes news articles, charts, photographs, and analysis by non-NCNK members

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