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John Delury

    Yonsei University



    - East Asian Relations (US-China-Koreas)
    - Chinese foreign policy and Northeast Asian Diplomatic History


    As Associate Director of Asia Society’s Center on US-China Relations in New York (from 2007 to 2010), John Delury spearheaded an initiative on engaging North Korea, organizing Track Two dialogues, hosting public events. He also directed the task force report, “North Korea Inside Out: The Case for Economic Engagement” (, which was chaired by Susan Shirk and Charles Kartman. He speaks regularly on North Korean issues at academic conferences and the media. John advises two start-up NGOs, Pyongyang Project and Choson Exchange, and works closely with the National Committee on American Foreign Policy’s Forum on Asia-Pacific Security. His April 2011 article, “Analytical Failure and the North Korean Quagmire,” co-authored with Professor Chung-in Moon, is available at the 38 North website (


    John Delury is Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies at Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies and Underwood International College, teaching modern Chinese history and East Asian relations. John is a senior fellow of Asia Society’s Center on US-China Relations, term member on the Council on Foreign Relations, and Leadership Council member for the National Committee on American Foreign Policy. He is co-authoring a history of modern China (with Orville Schell), has published numerous articles, and appears regularly in the media. Dr. Delury received his BA, MA, and PhD in Chinese history from Yale University, studying under Jonathan Spence. He was a visiting professor at Columbia, Brown and Peking University.

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