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Is Reform Sprouting in North Korea?

July 27, 2012

In an article for YaleGlobal, NCNK Member John Delury argues that Kim Jong-un's stylistic changes in governance and rhetorical shifts could be signals of larger policy shifts, potentially moving the country to a more pragmatic focus on economic development:

There are signs in Kim’s speeches and guidance visits that the substance is changing along with the style. In a lengthy talk given to senior party leaders in April, Kim called on officials to try new ideas and be less ideological. “Officials should work with a creative and enterprising attitude… [and] resolutely do away with the outdated ideological viewpoint and backward method and style of work.” It was a distinct echo of Deng’s famous December 1978 speech that launched China’s reforms, in which he called on party members to be “pathbreakers who dare to think, explore new ways and generate new ideas.”

The full article is available here.