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UN Team in DPRK Reports on Flooding

August 2, 2012

The UN Resident Coordinator's Office in North Korea has published a report on humanitarian needs after weeks of heavy rainfall and flooding in parts of North Korea, following an assessment by multiple aid agencies. The report states that "immediate food assistance is required for the people in those counties most affected by the flood," although it says that the floods' longer-term effects on food security has not yet been determined.

The report said that many families currently lack access to clean water, leading to a high risk of a diarrhea outbreak; it added that aid agencies working in North Korea have begun distributing supplies, including hygiene kits and water purification tablets, to hard-hit areas. 

The report stated that "while most of the data provided by the Government at this juncture could not be verified during the inter-agency assessment missions to determine the human impact, the material damages are evident, mostly interrupting the water supply systems and standing crops in the field."

For the full report, click here. NCNK's digest of news stories on humanitarian issues in North Korea is available here.