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Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights
HRNK is the world's first and oldest NGO devoted fully to the advancement of human rights in North Korea.
Committee for Human Rights in North Korea
HRNK’s research and outreach activities document the North Korean regime’s human rights violations, vast system of political prisons and labor camps, criminally unjust distribution of access to food and goods, and the plight of refugees.
Comparative Connections
Comparative Connections, published by Pacific Forum CSIS, provides a timely, concise, and comprehensive source of information and analysis on key East Asian bilateral relationships.
Council on Foreign Relations
Council on Foreign Relations is an American, nonpartisan, foreign policy think tank. This link directs to CFR's North Korea page.
Daily NK
Daily NK is a defector run news organization that reports on North Korea.
Database Center for North Korean Human Rights
NKDB has been collecting data, performing research and analysis related to human rights violations in North Korea.
East Asia Forum
An initiative of the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research at Australian National University, East Asia Forum provides a platform for the best in East Asian analysis, research and policy comment on the Asia Pacific region and world affairs.
East Asia Institute
The East Asia Institute was established as an independent think-tank dedicated to developing ideas and formulating policy recommendations on the main challenges facing the region.
Embassy of Sweden in Pyongyang
The homepage of the Swedish Embassy in North Korea. In addition to its normal diplomatic duties, the Swedish Embassy acts as the United States' protecting power in the DPRK.
Engage DPRK
Engage DPRK is an interactive map providing information on foreign engagement in North Korea
Eugene Bell Foundation
The Eugene Bell Foundation works to end unnecessary deaths from multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in North Korea.
European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea
Founded with a guiding mission to understand how and why North Korea’s human rights tragedy has persisted and to propose solutions as to how it could be addressed, EAHRNK formed a small group in the United Kingdom and across Europe to formulate theories for change.
Ewha Institute of Unification Studies
The Ewha Institute of Unification Studies was founded as the research center of Graduate School of North Korean Studies to study issues regarding North Korea and the Unification of the two Koreas.
Federation of American Scientists DPRK Special Weapons Guide
This page on FAS's Website provides detailed technical information about the DPRK's invidual WMD programs, as well as links to additional resources.
Free North Korea Radio
Free North Korea Radio is a broadcasting organization dedicated to the democratization of North Korea.
Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
FSI is a university-wide research and education institution at Stanford devoted to understanding the problems, policies, and processes that cross international borders and affect lives around the world.
Friedrich Naumann Stiftung
FNF is a foundation for ideas on liberty and training in freedom. It wants to contribute to the furtherance of the principle of freedom in human dignity in all sectors of society in the united Germany as well as together with partners abroad.
Global Resource Services
GRS is a humanitarian organization with experience in relief work and cultural exchanges with North Korea.
Good Friends
Good Friends aims to help the North Korean people from a humanistic point of view and publishes “North Korea Today” describing the way the North Korean people live as accurately as possible.
Hanns Seidel Foundation
"In the service of democracy, peace and development" – this is the motto that describes the work and mission of the Hanns Seidel Foundation. This maxim applies not only to its commitment in Germany - especially in Bavaria - but also abroad.
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