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38 North
38 North is a website devoted to analysis of North Korea, featuring commentary by long-time observers of the DPRK.
Agglobe Services International
Agglobe Services International is a U.S.-based humanitarian aid organization focused on improving North Korean food security through humanitarian aid and sustainable development.
American Friends Service Committee
The American Friends Service Committee is a Quaker organization that includes people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace, and humanitarian service. This link directs to their North Korea page.
Arms Control Association
The Arms Control Association is a national nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies. This link directs to its North Korea country page.
Arms Control Wonk
A group blog on arms control, disarmament, and nonproliferation.
Asan Institute for Policy Studies
The Asan Institute for Policy Studies is an independent, non-partisan think tank with the mandate to undertake policy-relevant research to foster domestic, regional, and international environments that are conducive to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and Korean Unification.
Brookings Institution
Brookings Institution is an American nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy think tank. The link opens to Brookings' North Korea page, listing research and commentary.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
An online magazine, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists covers global security and public policy issues, especially those related to the dangers posed by nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. It aims to inform the public about nuclear policy debates while advocating for the international control of nuclear energy.
CanKor is a Canadian interactive resource on North Korea concerned with seeking rational North Korea policy. It currently hosts two blogs: UnCommon Sense, which examines North Korea from the perspective of nations outside the Six Party Talks framework; and The Human Factor, which examines the issue of human rights.
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
The Carnegie Endowment's website about the Korean Peninsula, where experts assess the proliferation risk North Korea's nuclear program poses. Experts also asses the policy options available as the global community gains a better understanding of the program.
Center for Strategic and International Studies
CSIS is a bipartisan think tank focused on international affairs. This link directs to the CSIS Korea Chair.
China's Official News Website of the Six Party Talks
This website contains an extensive amount of information on the Six Party Talks process, including detailed coverage of each participating country.
Choson Exchange
Choson Exchange supports long-term economic development in North Korea by partnering with young North Koreans and North Korean institutions to share business (including finance), economics and legal knowledge through innovative and high-quality programs.
Christian Friends of Korea
Christian Friends of Korea is a Christian organization providing humanitarian and development aid to North Korea.
Comparative Connections
Comparative Connections, published by Pacific Forum CSIS, provides a timely, concise, and comprehensive source of information and analysis on key East Asian bilateral relationships.
Council on Foreign Relations
Council on Foreign Relations is an American, nonpartisan, foreign policy think tank. This link directs to CFR's North Korea page.
East Asia Forum
An initiative of the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research at Australian National University, East Asia Forum provides a platform for the best in East Asian analysis, research and policy comment on the Asia Pacific region and world affairs.
Embassy of Sweden in Pyongyang
The homepage of the Swedish Embassy in North Korea. In addition to its normal diplomatic duties, the Swedish Embassy acts as the United States' protecting power in the DPRK.
Engage DPRK
Engage DPRK is an interactive map providing information on foreign engagement in North Korea
European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea
The European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea is a research and advocacy organisation dedicated to improving humanitarian conditions in North Korea.
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