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38 North
38 North is a website devoted to analysis of North Korea, featuring commentary by long-time observers of the DPRK.
Arms Control Wonk
A group blog on arms control, disarmament, and nonproliferation.
Good Friends
Good Friends aims to help the North Korean people from a humanistic point of view and publishes “North Korea Today” describing the way the North Korean people live as accurately as possible.
Korea Vision
A blog by Leonid Petrov, Lecturer in Korean Studies at the University of Sydney.
New Focus International
The materials on this website have been gathered through its extensive network of sources in North Korea and China.
North Korea Economy Watch
News and Analysis of the North Korean Economy
North Korea Leadership Watch
This site and blog focuses on North Korea’s (DPRK) leadership and political culture in the person of the late Kim Jong Il and those political and military organizations and institutions that were under his direct, and indirect, control including the Korean Workers’ Party (KWP), the National Defense Commission (NDC) and the DPRK Government.
North Korea Tech
North Korea Tech is dedicated to covering and collecting information regarding the state of information technology and related industry in North Korea.
North Korea: Witness to Transformation
This blog, hosted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, is updated by Marcus Noland, deputy director and senior fellow of PIIE, and Stephan Haggard, Visiting Fellow at PIIE/Professor at the University of California. Each post unfolds nicely organized opinions as well as including important information, and it covers a variety of topics from humanitarian issues to economic and political issues.
One Free Korea
Blog on North Korea written by Joshua Stanton, a practicing attorney in Washington, DC who was the principal drafter of H.R. 1771, the North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act.
A blog on China and North Korean borderlands, relations, and history.
The Peninsula
The Peninsula blog is a project of the Korea Economic Institute. It is designed to provide a wide ranging forum for discussion of the foreign policy, economic, and social issues that impact the Korean peninsula.
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