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On Effecting a Drastic Turn in Land Management to Meet the Requirements for Building a Thriving Socialist Nation

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KCNA Summary: The dear respected Kim Jong Un had talk "On Effecting a Drastic Turn in Land Management to Meet the Requirements for Building a Thriving Socialist Nation" with leading officials of party and state economic bodies and working people's organizations on April 27, 2012. The work was delivered to the participants in a meeting of activists of the general mobilization movement for land management on Tuesday.

Kim Jong Un stressed the need to make the upcoming meeting of activists in the general mobilization movement for land management an important occasion for preserving and glorifying leader Kim Jong Il's idea of land management and undying leadership feats and effecting a drastic turn in the land management to meet the requirements for building a thriving socialist nation.

Land management is a patriotic work for the eternal prosperity of the country, and a noble work for providing the people with better living conditions, he said, and continued:

President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il paid deep attention to the land management and worked heart and soul to make the country more beautiful all their lives.

A large number of monumental edifices of eternal value have been built across the country and streets and villages have turned into a socialist land of bliss.

The epoch-making changes that have taken place in the land management are a brilliant fruition of the wise guidance provided by Kim Jong Il who set forth a far-reaching plan and unique policy on the land management and energetically led the struggle to realize them.

Kim Jong Un indicated the following general orientation and overall tasks to be fulfilled in the field of land management:

The officials and other working people in the field of land management should firmly preserve and always glorify the great General's idea and leadership feats in the land management and thoroughly carry out his last instructions without the slightest deviation or concession and face-lift the land as befitting that of a thriving socialist nation. 

It is necessary to turn Pyongyang into a capital city of the sacred revolution, magnificent and picturesque world-class city based on the revolutionary outlook on the leader.

The city of Pyongyang has been successfully laid out, centering around the statues of the President and the General standing high on Mansu Hill. It is necessary to green the areas around the statues and the Mansudae area. 

It is important to spruce up the area of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun as the sacred temple of Juche. 

Mangyongdae should be spruced up as a holy land of the sun so as to convey the greatness of the President and his undying feats generation after generation and make sure that a steady continuity is given to the revolutionary history of the President on this land.

Pyongyang should be built into a center and model city of Songun culture as well as a city based on the revolutionary outlook on the leader.

Local cities including provincial seats and rural villages should also be face-lifted to suit the specific local features.

All land except cultivated land should be covered with trees, grass, flower plants and other plants so that there should be no waste or weedy land. This is the intention of the party.

Big efforts should be directed to land management and preservation, tideland reclamation and land realignment.

The work for creating forests and protecting them should be carried out well to turn the whole country into thick woodland and greenery.

Attention should also be paid to improving water management including the improvement of rivers and streams. 

Various structures including dam and lock gate should be built in the rivers and streams and gravity-fed waterways and irrigation channels be maintained and reinforced on a regular basis. Doing so would make it possible to prevent flood and drought and make an effective use of water, generate electricity, breed fish and add to the beauty of landscape.

Efforts should be directed to the road construction to round off the road network of the country in a reasonable way and put the roads on modern, heavy-duty and high-speed basis.

Ring roads should be built in Pyongyang and more highways and major roads be built.

Work for reinforcing railroads should be steadily pushed forward.

For the present, it is necessary to complete the project for reconstructing and repairing railways in the northern part in a qualitative manner at an early date.

Kim Jong Un called for channeling efforts into sprucing up coastal areas, underscoring the need to improve the management of coastal and territorial waters so as to protect natural disasters, add to the beauty of landscape and protect and increase marine resources.

He also underlined the need to do well the work to protect marine resources and conserve environment and nature.

He underscored the need to hold in check such practices as developing underground resources at random or creating disorder in their development. 

To effect a drastic turn in land management it is necessary to work out a master plan for land management in a scientific and realistic way and carry it out under a long-term plan, he noted, and continued:

In the period of the general mobilization movement for land management all the institutions, enterprises, co-op farms and all the people should take part in the work for land management. The period from every November to March the next year should be set as a period for protecting forest and underground resources and from every March to July as a period for protecting useful animals. The nature conservation should be done in an intensive way as an all-party, nationwide and all-people work in these periods.

He called for making brisk scientific and technological exchange with other countries and international organizations. 

The Ministry of Land and Environmental Conservation and relevant institutions should conduct brisk joint study, academic exchange and information exchange with scientific research institutions of other countries and take part in international meetings and symposiums to introduce advanced science and technology, he added.

Kim Jong Un said that there should be no exception as far as land management and environmental protection are concerned, adding that every field and every unit should be subject to state control as regards these matters.

The party attaches great importance to land management and environmental conservation in building a thriving socialist nation, he said, calling on the whole party, the whole army and all the people to more dynamically conduct the general mobilization movement for land management, spruce up the land as befitting that of a thriving nation and actively contribute to building an economic power and improving the standard of people's living.

Kim Jong Un called on all officials and people to dynamically wage the general mobilization movement for land management with ardent loyalty to the party and warm patriotism and thus firmly preserve and always glorify Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il's idea and exploits performed in the land construction and step up the building of a thriving socialist nation.