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North Korea Nuclear Test

On October 8, 2006, the DPRK announced that it had conducted a nuclear test. To read articles by NCNK members regarding the announcement or to request comments, please click here.

On October 14 the United Nations unanimously adopted UN Resolution 1718, preventing the provision of nuclear technology, large-scale weapons and luxury goods to the DPRK and allowing inspection of cargo. For a glimpse into the debate within the UN Security Council, see the statement released when the resolution was adopted.

NCNK Members' Views on the Nuclear Test

Views expressed by individual National Committee on North Korea members are their own and should not be attributed to the National Committee itself. With the exception of statements that have been approved by the membership, NCNK does not advocate particular policies or take positions on issues.

Organizations are listed for identification purposes only.

Ralph CossaPresident, Pacific Forum CSIS
North Korea's Nuclear Threat, International Herald Tribune, October 5, 2006
The Economic Implications of a North Korean Nuclear Breakout, July 2006 [This is a longer, more in-depth version of the article above]

Dr. Gi-Wook ShinDirector of Walter H. Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center, Stanford University
(With Daniel Sneider): U.S., Allies Must Stand up to North Korea's Threat, The Mercury News, October 6, 2006