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The Cheonan Incident Resource Page

Time Line

This time line provides key incidents and dates related to the sinking of the Cheonan.


Key Documents

 President Lee Myung Bak's May 24 2010 National Address

UNSC Statement on Cheonan, July 9 2010

Letter to UNSC by PSPD, June 10 2010

JIG Report of the Cheonan, May 20 2010

KCNA Commentary on Cheonan, from April 17 to June 4 2010



Helpful links on the Cheonan Incident with brief descriptions

-          Information on November naval skirmish

-          Cheonan Sinking on Wikipedia

-          Mark 48 Torpedo Testing

-          pdf file of the Cheonan Report

-          Open Letter to the UN Security Council Member States from PSPD

-          President Lee’s National Address

-          President Obama and President Lee on Cheonan

-          Secretary Clinton’s Statement at the DMZ

-          KCNA, North Korea’s response, from April 17th to June 4th 2010

-          Cooperative Connections (information and timeline)

-          article published by CATO

-          An article by a Japanese writer

-          ‘Controversy over South Korea’s Sunken Ship’ Nature News

-          Korean blog on Cheonan incident (in Korean)

-          Korean blog on Cheonan incident (in Korean)