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Using This Website

The National Committee on North Korea's website offers the following resources:

Member Directory: NCNK members have expertise on a wide variety of issues in relation to the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (DPRK). If you would like to get in touch with a member who has chosen not to list his or her contact information on our website please send an email; we will be happy to forward your message.

Publications: This data base gathers documents not readily available at other sites, with a focus on policy and governments, especially the US government: legislation, congressional statements, op-eds by members of Congress, Congressional Research Service reports, international agreements and treaties, etc. It also has reports and articles by NCNK members, and reports from NCNK-supported activities and conferences. The data base is still small, but, we hope, useful. It is probably easiest to use searching by document type or author. The "key word" search function is not working properly, and our web guy hasn't been able to fix it yet.

Issue Briefs: These short pieces are written with congressional staff in mind. They contain overviews of broad topics such as extremely condensed reviews of historical topics, as well as concise reports of narrowly focused policy developments on topics such as sanctions, bilateral relations, etc.

Briefing Books: This page provides catalogs containing a variety of pertinent information--including primary documents, background papers, and news digests--on North Korea-related subjects ranging from sanctions to cultural exchanges. The briefing books are updated periodically, especially as a given topic garners media attention.

NCNK newsletters: This page has the NCNK newsletter on exchange activities with the DPRK; the newsletter was launched in February 2008 and comes out once a month. Sign up for the newsletter here.

The Photo page is still under construction.