Korea: A New History of South and North with Victor Cha and Ramon Pacheco Pardo

The Korea Society


April 18, 2024, 5:00 pm EDT to 6:00 pm EDT

REGISTER: https://www.koreasociety.org/policy-and-corporate-programs/item/1761-korea-new-history-of-south-and-north-with-victor-cha-and-ramon-pacheco-pardo

The Korea Society will be hosting a book talk with authors Professor Victor Cha and Professor Ramon Pacheco Pardo, who discuss their new book, Korea: A New History of South and North with policy director Jonathan Corrado. This important new work of history draws on “decades of research to explore the history of modern Korea, from the late nineteenth century, Japanese occupation, and Cold War division to the present day. This comprehensive history sheds light on the evolving identities of the two Koreas, explaining the sharp differences between North and South, and prospects for unification." You can purchase the book here

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