[Webcast] Diplomacy, Deterrence, and Disruption: Navigating North Korea Policy in 2021

Hudson Institute


December 4, 2020, 3:00 pm EST to 4:00 pm EST

On December 4, Hudson Institute’s Chair of Asia Pacific Security, Dr. Patrick M. Cronin, will host a virtual workshop on North Korean Diplomacy, Deterrence, and Disruption. This workshop will bring together leading experts from the United States and South Korea via Zoom to discuss several critical issues on the Korean Peninsula that the United States and South Korea will need to face together after the 2020 US Presidential election.

This timely program will contribute to the debate about how the United States and South Korea should approach diplomacy with North Korea; how the allies can shore up deterrence in the months and years ahead; how to deal with disruptions like the pandemic and possible provocations like ICBM tests; and generally how US and Korean experts think about Kim Jong Un’s intentions vis-à-vis our two countries.

The event will feature four distinguished speakers. Andrea Mihailescu is the State Department Fellow in Residence at Pepperdine University and previously served as a member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff specializing in sanctions policy. Dr. Jihwan Hwang is an Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Seoul specializing in diplomatic policy and ROK-DPRK relations. Dr. Brad Roberts is the Director of the Center for Global Security Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Missile Defense Policy. Dr. Won Gon Park is a Professor of International Studies and Associate Dean of the Grace School, at Handong Global University.

Watch here: https://www.hudson.org/events/1890-video-event-diplomacy-deterrence-and-...


Dr. Patrick M. Cronin, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute Asia-Pacific Security Chair

Dr. Jihwan Hwang, Associate Professor, University of Seoul

Ms. Andrea Mihailescu, State Department Fellow in Residence, Pepperdine University

Dr. Won Gon Park, Professor of International Studies, Handong Global University

Dr. Brad Roberts, Director of Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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