Dr. Stephen Noerper

Asia Dialogue
NCNK Advisory Committee



From the classroom to counsel, Stephen Noerper educates, emboldens, enlivens and empowers dialogue in history and global affairs. Ensconced by the gentle trade winds of the Pacific, Stephen leads public education efforts as president of Asia Dialogue, a Hawai’i-based initiative building capacity and context on the Asia Pacific. Stephen excites classrooms and consulates, the young and experienced, with creative leans in on the changing world around us. For six years, Stephen has served as a Senior Adviser to the United Nations Programme to Support Cooperation in Northeast Asia, bridging interests and positing platforms for peace. He is host of The Asianist and the Global Beat and appears frequently on media. 

Stephen’s Hawai’i interests build on three decades of teaching and dynamic programs across the public and private sectors. In New York City, Stephen created excitement and momentum from the classroom at Columbia University to the stage of the Korea Society. His peace and unification efforts manifested from earlier leads at the EastWest Institute, NYU and St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral Academy. Stephen spurred creative analyses and approaches in Washington, DC with his lifts at Intellibridge, American University and the State Department. His enthusiasm for global issues spanned prior from classrooms at Waseda University and the National University of Mongolia to Hawai’i’s Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies and East-West Center and the Washington office of the Nautilus Institute. At the Edward R. Murrow Center, he propelled new approaches on development, health, women’s leadership and sustainability. 

With compassion and insight, Stephen builds as a mentor and friend, and empowers new thought and enthusiasm on our nation and world. Holding higher degrees from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and London School of Economics, Stephen serves across his community and served on several boards fostering leadership, equity and access in the arts, good governance and global democracy. A perpetual wayfinder, Stephen embraces and advances discourse, dialogue and new paths forward in our shared journey toward greater understanding.