Special Report on the U.S. Troop Presence in South Korea

April 10, 2019

In a new NCNK Special Report, Larry Niksch assesses the sources of opposition which would potentially arise if the U.S. were to decide to withdraw troops from South Korea.

In this report, Niksch - a former Specialist in Asian Affairs with the Congressional Research Service - reviews President Trump's past statements in favor of withdrawing U.S. troops from South Korea, and assesses the ways in which Congress and other institutions might act to counter such an action if the White House decides to follow through with this sentiment. The report takes a close look at President Carter's unsuccessful attempt to withdraw U.S. troops from South Korea in the 1970s, and assesses lessons learned from that experience as well as the different factors at play today which could lead to an alternative outcome.

Read the full report HERE.

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