The Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station is a Proud and Grand Monument to Our Youth and Symbol of Youth Power

Full text of a speech delivered by Kim Jong Un at the inauguration ceremony of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station.

Dear trustworthy young vanguard,

Dear guests,

Dear comrades,

Today, amid warm congratulations of all the service personnel and people, we are making public to the whole world the inauguration of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station.

Construction of the gigantic power station that demonstrates the indomitable mettle of the young people in the Songun era, who follow our great Workers' Party of Korea, is a great event that adds brilliance to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the glorious Party and promises a bright future of our dignified State.

Here, at this power station construction site at the foot of Mt Paektu where a legendary tale of heroic youth has been created, our trustworthy young people have built their grand monument shedding patriotic sweat and blood in the spirit of death-defying implementation and raising an envy of the whole world, and have thus fully lived up to the expectations of the Party Central Committee.

Answering with their burning hearts the Party's militant call to build the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station by the 70th anniversary of Party founding as befits a grand youth monument in the Songun era, our young people have performed in this Paektu area feats of labour most brilliant in the history of the youth movement of Korea.

Members of the Paektusan Hero Youth Shock Brigade, vanguard fighters of our Party, have unsparingly devoted the strength and passion of their precious youth, building dams for several years in these deep, rugged mountain valleys far away from the capital city of Pyongyang.

No words will be enough to describe fully the feats of labour of the shock brigade members, who have built dams and dug waterway tunnels inch by inch breaking rocks and moving mountains with sledgehammers and crow bars for several years in the face of biting northern cold.

When even means of transport were frozen in intense cold, they transported building materials with large and small sledges; the death-defying corps members bolstered up the railway bridges with their bodies in the icy water of the Sodu. Everyone will bow to the revolutionary, self-sacrificing and patriotic spirit they and other young people have displayed in building the power station.

In particular, they have carried within some 120 days the amount of work equal to what they did in the previous 10 years by working day and night with the youthful courage and mettle of Paektu which our Party gave them, and built the dam of power station No. 1. This is a fruition of the patriotic devotion and loyalty of the builders including the young people of Paektu, who have all turned out in adorning our Party's history of building a youthful power with proud labour successes; it is also a legendary tale of heroic youth that can be created only by the young people of Korea who have been educated and trained in the embrace of the Party.

In the course of building the dam of power station No. 1 our young people have grown up into heroes of the times, into giant artists of creation, and proved in practice our Party's history of attaching importance to young people.

The dam rising over there is the accumulation of the burning patriotism and loyalty cherished by our young vanguard, and the height of the dam of power station No. 1 is the height of the dignity of our country with heroic young people, a youthful power.

Busy as they were with building the power station, the youth shock brigade members and young soldiers built beautiful socialist villages for the people, who were living in the districts to be inundated, and planted trees and flowers in the area of the power station. This working manner testifies to the ennobling world of loyalty of our young people, who implement death-defyingly every single policy advanced by the Party.

All the monumental structures built on this land carry the heroic feats of our young people, and many of them are named in honour of them.

There are no young people in the world as laudable as ours who volunteered to work in this remote mountainous area, not in the flourishing urban quarters, and find the worth of living in carrying out the Party's intention, and who cultivate themselves in a revolutionary way by working out the curriculum of "Paektu Youth University" and giving marks to their conscience every moment and every day on their own.

When I saw the proud shock brigade members working, I felt deeply grateful to them and I felt like raising them high up in the sky with my arms.

Whenever our revolution faced trials and difficulties, those who buttressed my mind were the young people who volunteered to start their career at the construction site of this power station and won the diploma of the "youth university" after working with patriotic devotion in the Paektu area.

At the moment the problem of young people is the most knotty one in the hot and disputed areas of the world, but our young people serve our Party as its spiritual buttress, as its solid cornerstone.

The Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station has been built in the situation worse than other construction projects; when I think of the young people who have performed heroic feats in building it, I feel a soaring indomitable will to carry out the revolution for the sake of them, the future of the country.

Sure enough, our Party is blessed with young people, the greatest of blessings.

The Party Central Committee highly appreciates our trustworthy young people, who have proved through their painstaking efforts and self-sacrificing struggle that our Party's determination immediately means a reality and materialization, and demonstrated to the whole world the might of the young vanguard in the Songun era.

Availing myself of this meaningful opportunity, I extend to all the builders including the members of the Paektusan Hero Youth Shock Brigade and the service personnel of the People's Army, who have performed great feats of labour in the building of the power station, warm thanks and militant greetings in the name of the Workers' Party of Korea and together with the blessing of General Kim Jong Il who valued young people and gave prominence to them.


As I am attending this inauguration ceremony of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station today, I feel a yearning desire to see General Kim Jong Il. It seems to me that he is bestowing warm praise on us from the faraway Kumsusan Palace of the Sun for our laudable deed.

The Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station is associated with his ardent love for young people who represent the future of the country, a proud structure demonstrating the might of our Party's policy of attaching importance to young people.

He was steadfast in his revolutionary faith that there is nothing in the world that we cannot achieve if we enlist the strength of young people who are dependable successors to the revolution and the most vigorous of social forces. As he trusted them so much, he charged the youth league with the entire project of building the power station.

He said on several occasions that he could have the People's Army or the Cabinet take charge of the project but he decided to entrust our young people with the whole of it, because the youth league is a powerful combat unit that implements our Party's plans unconditionally and, more importantly, because he intended to educate and train them in the course of carrying out the project.

He saw to it that the shock brigade was named in a meaningful way in reflection of the aspirations of our young people who would faithfully support the Party's cause looking up to Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of revolution. He also resolved all the problems arising in building the power station, even ordering a special plane to carry padded coats for the members of the shock brigade.

He was seriously ill in the closing years of his revolutionary career, but on his return from a foreign trip, he visited the construction site of the power station in the rugged mountains before dealing with important Party and State affairs. He spoke highly of the young people for having made notable progress in the project and inspired them to perform new heroic exploits. It is very moving to tell about our General's painstaking efforts of patriotic devotion that permeate every nook and cranny of the power station.

That the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station has been built as a grand monument by young people to mark the 70th anniversary of Party founding, shows how sagacious the leadership of the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and our Party has been in preparing them to be stalwart successors to the revolution.

To review the course of building the power station, the Party is most pleased about the fact that our young people have armed themselves with one ideology and achieved more solid unity as intended by the great General, rather than the construction of the dams and the possibility of easing the strain on electric power in the Mt Paektu area. This is most important, and it is the greatest achievement to us.

The fierce ten-odd-year struggle with nature has produced many young heroes of our era, the young hard core, who are determined to death-defyingly defend the Party with revolutionary faith, sharing destiny with its Central Committee.

As they have cultivated themselves mentally and physically with the clean water and air of Paektu and tempered their courage and faith in the blizzards of Paektu, our young vanguard are the most dependable successors to our Party and reliable pillars of our socialist country.

Under the Party's trust and affection this large contingent of warriors with a strong sense of organization and discipline and enthusiasm for the revolution and struggle has been trained to carry forward the revolutionary cause of Juche–this is a great victory that cannot be compared to obtaining millions of kilowatts of electricity.

As we have such an army of young people, our Party is powerful and our country is widely recognized as a youthful power without parallel in the world.

In the course of building the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station have been created the charging spirit and culture of young people that are representative of the Songun era, which constitute a precious asset for the promotion of the youth movement in our country.

The charging spirit of young people in the Songun era created at the site of this grandiose nature-remaking project, where Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain on which the Korean revolution was pioneered, is within a calling distance, is a spirit of rushing straight forward after pushing aside other things in hearty response to the Party's call, a powerful attacking spirit of levelling a mountain and blocking a river course at a stroke like exploding dynamite, and a spirit of self-reliance and self-development of tiding over indescribable difficulties by dint of comradeship and the might of the collective.

The Songun-based culture of our young people is a wholesome culture of developing our decent things, not adopting gaudy ones of others, a militant culture of advancing full of vigour singing revolutionary songs loudly in the face of difficulties, and a typical socialist cultured way in the Songun era of leading an assiduous, meticulous and cultured life whatever the situation.

When the ranks of young people across the country brim over with this spirit and culture, as pure as the limpid water of Lake Chon and as straight as the larches on Paektu, the might of the youthful Paektusan power will grow ever stronger.

This is why our Party intends to erect here a monument to the Paektusan Hero Youth Shock Brigade members and exhibition hall of their feats so as to hand down their achievements to posterity and have all the people who are on study tour of the revolutionary battle sites in the Mt Paektu area learn on the spot from the spirit and culture of the young people of Paektu.

The inauguration of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station powerfully demonstrates to the whole world the greatness of our Party that has provided a brilliant solution to the problem of education of young people, the most difficult problem in the revolution and construction, and established a youthful power.

Cheers for the idea of attaching importance to young people resounding far and wide in this meaningful October will be a roaring thunder over the enemy who are scheming to pull down our socialism by degenerating and benumbing young people and a loud gun report signalling a fresh spur to the all-people general advance for final victory.


It is the unshakeable determination and will of our Party to put forward young people in the vanguard of the ranks of the general onward march as masters of the times and help them put up the doorplate of a thriving country before anybody else.

Now the Party Central Committee firmly believes in them as reliable comrades-in-arms, who will advance shoulder to shoulder with it in the effort to shape a beautiful future of our country, our motherland.

Our Party, believing in the inexhaustible strength of millions of young people, has unfolded a bright blueprint to beat the world, and they are duly in the central position in executing all the operations worked out by the Party Central Committee.

The Party's leadership is the lifeline of the youth movement of Korea, and the might of the large contingent of young people is guaranteed by the Party's leadership.

All the young people should always advance vigorously, straight forward following the Party with unstained loyalty and conscience.

"Let us rush forward along the course of the Korean revolution sailing with the blizzards of Paektu!"–this is a slogan of trust advanced by our Party. This militant slogan should be upheld everywhere young people live and work.

The whole country will become astir when young people are in high spirits, and a prosperous future will be brought earlier when their steps are faster.

Our great country making a leap forward with youthful vigour is calling our young people to theatres of building a thriving nation where fresh feats are to be created.

Young people should turn out in high spirits in the sacred struggle to translate the Party's plans and determination into reality and set up structures named after youth in various places, so as not to regret having failed to add brilliance to their youth, the only precious period in their life.

When young, one should cherish a great ambition and enterprising spirit to present world-startling research result or to work at the speed of a supersonic plane.

All young people should launch dynamic movements of youth shock brigade, young guards, youth workteam and youth subworkteam at every theatre of the revolutionary struggle so as to make youthful vigour pervade it.

A vigorous campaign should be waged across society to emulate the charging spirit of the young people in the Songun era and their culture created in the Paektu area.

The undertaking to follow the examples of the Paektusan Hero Youth Shock Brigade members is a wide-scale ideological offensive to bring about a turn in the education of young people and freshen the atmosphere of our society as demanded by the developing reality and to resolutely thwart the imperialists' moves for ideological and cultural infiltration and defend our ideology, our spirit and our culture.

All the working people of the country, not to say the rising generation, should keep in mind how the shock brigade members created the legendary tale of heroic youth and how invaluable the patriotic sweat and blood they shed in the days of working against all odds, and live and struggle the way the young people of Paektu did.

The Party's information network and mass media should give wide publicity to the ideological and spiritual world, fighting mettle, assiduous work style and revolutionary optimism of the shock brigade members, and make the whole country seethe with enthusiasm for learning from them.

Bearing in mind that developing the youth movement is most important in strengthening the Party and the State and it is a strategic demand of the revolution, Party and youth league organizations at all levels should bring up young people into a reserve force, advance group and wing of our Party and thereby add eternal brilliance to its exploits in building a youthful power.

Immovable is our Party's determination to ensure that cheers for the victory of building a thriving country ring out first in the Paektu area where the Juche revolution originated and which is the spiritual mainstay of our people.

The Paektusan Hero Youth Shock Brigade members and all other builders should harden their resolve to build on their already-gained successes and make continuous offensive, continuous advance and continuous innovations.

With firm belief in our heroic young people the Party Central Committee orders them to finish the project of building Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station No. 3 unconditionally by next Youth Day.

And they should take the lead in speeding up the laying of broad-gauge railway lines between Hyesan and Samjiyon, sprucing up Samjiyon County as befits the cradle of the Korean revolution and building Ryanggang Province as a model unit for other provinces to follow in potato farming and all other economic affairs and in improving the people's living standards.

Let us all dash forward towards a bright future, the Party Central Committee believing in young people and they believing in it on the worthwhile onward march to achieve the prosperity of our country, our motherland, a precious inheritance of the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il associated with their lifelong struggle.

The painstaking efforts of patriotic loyalty made by the young people in the Paektu area will live for ever in the memory of our Party, our motherland and our people.

Glory to the young vanguard unfailingly loyal to our Party, masters of the dignified youthful Paektusan nation!

Kim Jong Un
Saturday, October 3, 2015