Understanding North Korea Paper Series

The Understanding North Korea roundtable series is a joint program of the National Committee on North Korea and the Wilson Center’s Hyundai Motor - Korean Foundation Center for Korean History and Public Policy. The roundtable series was established to enable emerging scholars of North Korea to share their research ideas with peers and experts in the field, and to publish their findings in a format accessible to a general audience.

Special thanks to Daniel Pinkston, Sheena Chestnut Greitens, Robert Carlin, Bradley Babson, Ken Gause, and Immanuel Kim who served as discussants for the paper series roundtables.


Cyber-hacking as a Means of “Self-reliance”: North Korea’s Ransomware-based Cyber-hacking for Economic Gains in the Absence of Regulations on Cryptocurrencies in Global Finance by June Park

Tightening the Screws: The Origins and Dynamics of Kim Jong Un's Clampdown on “Capitalist Tendencies” By Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein

Understanding North Korea's Public Messaging: An Introduction by Rachel Minyoung Lee

The Changing Role of Entrepreneurs in Kim Jong Un’s North Korea by Darcie Draudt

Edward Goldring and Peter Ward - Keeping up with the Kims: Institutional Dynamics of Leadership Succession in North Korea